Left Bank

... is a captivating journey into the early 20th century, uncovering the untold stories of the women who played a pivotal role in the tumultuous path to publishing James Joyce's groundbreaking novel.

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 Feb 17, 2024

Austin Revolution Film Festival

  • Nominations:
    • Best Documentary
    • Best Filmmaker



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  • Roeliff Jansen Community Library
    Hillsdale NY. June 13th 2024
  • Summit NJ Library. June 5th, 2024
  • PAMLA, Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association, Portland, OR, October 28, 2023
  • Rosenbach Library and Museum, Philadelphia, PA, June 9 2023
  • Jagellionian University, Joyce and Humanism Conference, Krakow, Poland, April 22, 2023
  •  Italian James Joyce Foundation Conference, University of Rome, February 3,  2023

The Women

The Women Who Rescued James Joyce's Ulysses.

Joyce's controversial masterpiece Ulysses would have never been published in 1922 if not for these forward-thinking women.

They provided funding, moral support, business acumen and love to the self-centered, obsessive writer. Left Bank tells Joyce's story awhile revealing the feminist history of a revolutionary bookshop in the left bank of Paris, through dramatic scenes, interviews, archival footage and animation.

Left Bank seeks to answer the question - who were these women and why was it so important for them to support the arts, cultivate a culture of reading and to publish Ulysses - considered by many to be the most important novel of the 20th century?

James Joyce’s modernist masterpiece Ulysses was explosive in its impact on the literary world of the early 20th century. Through interviews, reenactments, and archival footage Left Bank transports viewers to the fraught world in which the novel was conceived, unveiling the story of the visionary women who, in spite of fines and possible jail terms, wholeheartedly supported the literary giant’s odyssey.

 In Left Bank, we delve into the rich and complex collaborative efforts of pioneering women who played instrumental roles in shaping and publishing James Joyce's groundbreaking work, Ulysses. 

These women include Harriet Shaw Weaver in London, Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap in New York, and Sylvia Beach and Adrienne Monnier in Paris. Each of them, individually and collectively, made the publication of Ulysses as we know it today possible. 

Left Bank also pays homage to Nora Barnacle, James Joyce's lifelong muse and eventual wife, who significantly influenced the couple's candid exploration of erotic themes in his work.

Left Bank endorsement by Andrea Weiss.
"It's really important that the amazing women who made Ulysses are remembered, it wouldn't have been made without them. We need to celebrate them!"

-Andrea Weiss, Filmmaker & Author, Paris Was a Woman

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